Wednesday, October 15, 2014

these i have loved.

takin' back to the old school...circa 1997, an installment from ms. leone's creative writing class...

these I have loved.

the feel of cold water on hot skin; the
Worried White of my mother's hair; and the
cleansing tartness of cranberry cocktail;
snuggling up in thick, warm, blankets;
planners that work; unbroken wedding vows;
and the soothing darkness under my
eyelids; the textured language of
Hands Held; the indulgent
tears of self-pity; marshmallow clouds framing a
                            cement gray picture;

my father's potbelly; then,
the recollection of Spanish lullabies;
my teddy bear's silent opinion; and the
Familiar, Odorlessness of Home;
I love movie soundtracks; the
tight, helplessness in a lover's embrace;
the story in old,
                                    pink slippers;

and medium, blue, ballpoint people;

Rain's persistent efforts at wiping our sins clean;
my first doll's unconditional love;


the reassuring grip from my father's doubtless hands;
letting go when I am sleepy; and kissing my dog's
Ice Cold Nose; and
Rolling all over new pink carpet;
the chlorophyll in grass;

from vacations I only heard about;
finding money in a jeans pocket; and picking up the phone
to Find Someone there; the
Siren Cry of a newborn;

and the blind warmth
of another person under the covers.

                  All these have been my loves.