Thursday, October 2, 2014

i argue these arrows should point in the same direction.

GO. move in the direction of the failure. give it 100%. fail, learn, and most importantly, grow. grow higher, and stronger, and more than you have ever let yourself previously. grow so intensely that it becomes you to fail, in order to obtain additional growth.

with failure, we re-establish our baseline, we redefine expectations, we reevaluate. we start afresh.

challenge yourself, challenge your idea of failure. use it as a springboard for opportunity. test the notion that you have not failed, but succeeded at walking one step closer in the direction of your dreams, your calling, your personal opportunity.

you are one step closer to recording the Fingerprint of the Soul. your soul.

fail on, my friends.

"life is not about what adversity we face, but is created in how we face adversity."